ZBProxy 3.0

🚀Transfer your network data, bypassing the Hypixel unofficial address detection!

This is the official document of ZBProxy, maintained by @layou233.


All source code are saved on Github. If you need a executable file, go to the Github Action page and download the newest successful build.

*Please note that ZBProxy is licensed under the Apache License 2.0. You should distribute it according to the licensed method.

What's the difference between amd64-v1 and amd64-v3?

AMD64 processors (aka AMD & Intel x86_64) are divided to 4 microarchitecture levels according to supported instruction sets. Newer and higher-end processors should have a higher AMD64 level. We build both amd64-v1 binary for most compatibility and amd64-v3 binary for most optimizations. If you are using a V1 CPU, you would not able to execute V3 program. But if you are using a V3 CPU, you can execute both V1 and V3 program, while finding that V3 program performs better than V1 (usually invisible to the human eye, though).

You can find the level of your processor from the table in this website, or try it by practice.

For more information, go to Go official wiki page.


ZBProxy is an open source software of @layou233 and are in no way associated with Hypixel Inc. or Mojang Studios.

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