Configuration file of ZBProxy

At the first launch of ZBProxy, it is going to generate a configuration file automatically.

Also, if configuration file not exist, the program will generated a new one.

配置文件会在第一次启动 ZBProxy 时自动生成。如果配置文件不存在,程序也会自动生成一个新的。

Configuration file, which is called ZBProxy.json, is used to set all options to unlock the power of ZBProxy.

ZBProxy 的配置文件是ZBProxy.json,配置文件用于设置所有的选项以完全释放 ZBProxy 的强大力量。

The full config is looked like this: (ZBProxy 3.0-rc.4+)

    "Services": [
            "Name": "HypixelDefault",
            "TargetAddress": "",
            "TargetPort": 25565,
            "Listen": 25565,
            "Flow": "auto",
            "IPAccess": {
                "Mode": "",
                "ListTags": []
            "Minecraft": {
                "EnableHostnameRewrite": true,
                "RewrittenHostname": "",
                "OnlineCount": {
                    "Max": 114514,
                    "Online": -1,
                    "EnableMaxLimit": false
                "IgnoreFMLSuffix": false,
                "NameAccess": {
                    "Mode": "",
                    "ListTags": []
                "EnableAnyDest": false,
                "AnyDestSettings": {},
                "PingMode": "",
                "MotdFavicon": "{DEFAULT_MOTD}",
                "MotdDescription": "§d{NAME}§e service is working on §a§o{INFO}§r\n§c§lProxy for §6§n{HOST}:{PORT}§r"
            "TLSSniffing": {
                "RejectNonTLS": false,
                "RejectIfNonMatch": false,
                "SNIAllowListTags": []
            "Outbound": {
                "Type": "",
                "Network": "tcp",
                "Address": ""
    "Lists": {}

This file consists of a JSON that currently has Services item and Lists item.

该文件由含有 Services项 和 Lists项 的JSON组成。

JSON Item Type Meaning
Services []ConfigProxyService (List of ProxyService Object) You can setup multiple services there. All services that correctly configured in this list will all be launched when the program start.
Lists []Lists (list of key-value string lists) Definition for lists that currently used for Access Control.
定义用于 访问控制 的列表。

ProxyService Object

Only the first five options are required.


When only the first five options are included in a Service configuration, ZBProxy will start a ordinary and efficient reverse proxy.

当一个服务配置里只包含前五个选项时,ZBProxy 将启动一个普通且高效的反向代理。

Name (Requied) : string

The name of the service which is used to be shown in the log or MOTD {NAME} tag.

TargetAddress (Requied) : string

The address you want to proxy. (without port)

TargetPort (Required) : uint8 (unsigned short)

The port of the address you want to proxy. (from 0 to 65535)

Listen (Required) : uint8 (unsigned short)

The port you want to listen on (from 0 to 65535)

Flow (Required) : "auto" | "linux-zerocopy" | "multiple" | "origin"

For more information, go to Flow page.
更多有关流控模式的信息,前往 流控 页。

IPAccess : AccessControl Object

Access control module for restricting client IP access.
For more information, go to AccessControl page.
用于控制客户端IP访问的 访问控制 模块。
详见 访问控制 页。

Minecraft : Minecraft Object

See below.

Minecraft Object

EnableHostnameRewrite : boolean

Hostname rewritten is used to bypass Hypixel unofficial hostname detection etc.
If you are proxying Hypixel, turn on this.
主机名重写用于绕过 Hypixel 非官方主机名检测之类。如果你正在转发 Hypixel,则需要开启这个。

RewrittenHostname : string

If you enable hostname rewriting, then this setting is used to determine the rewritten hostname.
Automatically set to TargetAddress if empty.
留空则自动设置为 TargetAddress

OnlineCount : OnlineCount Object

Settings of online player count displayed in the MOTD and total player numbers limit.
MOTD中显示的在线玩家数量 和 总玩家人数限制 的设置。
See below.

IgnoreFMLSuffix : boolean

This will ignore the FML signature that mentioned in this issue, which may cause players unable to join the game if remote server is a FML server.
But for some servers, this could help players to bypass the client mods check.
It has been observed in practice that this may cause the FML client to print a lot of warning logs (but does not affect the game), so change it at your own risk.
这将忽略此 issue 所提及的 FML 标识,可能导致玩家无法连接到服务端是FML的服务器,多数为mod服。
经过实践观察,这可能导致 FML 客户端打印大量警告日志(但不影响游戏),故请据需要修改。

NameAccess : AccessControl Object

Access control module for restricting player name access.
For more information, go to AccessControl page.
用于控制 玩家名 加入游戏的 访问控制 模块。
详见 访问控制 页。

EnableAnyDest : boolean

AnyDestSettings : AnyDestSettings Object

Not Implemented Yet

PingMode : empty | "disconnect" | "0ms"

Display mode for Server List Ping.
服务器列表 Ping 的显示模式

  • disconnect: Display (no connection) on server list. 在服务器列表上显示 无连接。

  • 0ms: Always display 0 ms latency on server list. 始终在服务器列表上显示 0 ms 的延迟。

It will display the latency between client and ZBProxy if empty (or as default) when any Minecraft-related feature is enabled, and display latency between client and target when no Minecraft-related feature is enabled.
如果为空(或默认),则会在有启用任何与 Minecraft 相关的功能时显示客户端和 ZBProxy 之间的延迟,并在未启用与 Minecraft 相关的功能时显示客户端和目标之间的延迟。

Refer to our development blog: 请参阅我们的开发博客:
十分钟:我们如何把加速 IP 做到 0 ms?

MotdFavicon : string (base64 png, 64*64)

Base64 encoded 6464 PNG string.
The size of images must be 64
64, as specified by Minecraft. Because of the PNG format, images can include transparency.
A proper Base64 PNG string should start with data:image/png;base64,.
You can use this web application we provide to convert PNG image files to Base64 strings. Base64 编码的 6464 PNG 字符串。
图片尺寸必须是 64
64 ,这是由 Minecraft 规定的。由于是 PNG 格式,图片中可以包括透明度。
正确的 Base64 PNG 字符串应该由 data:image/png;base64, 开头。
你可以使用我们提供的这个网页小程序来将 PNG 图片文件转为 Base64 字符串。

MotdDescription : string

The MOTD for Minecraft server list.
For more information, go to MOTD page.
修改 Minecraft 服务器列表的 MOTD。
更多有关MOTD的信息,前往 MOTD 页。

OnlineCount Object

Max : int32

Maximum number of players displayed.

Online : int32

Number of online players displayed.
If Online is less than 0, it will be automatically set to the real-time number of players using this service.

EnableMaxLimit : boolean

Enable max player number limit and use the number in Max as the maximum number of players.

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