Configuration file of ZBChecker

At the first launch of ZBChecker, it is going to generate a configuration file automatically.

Also, if configuration file not exist, the program will generated a new one.

配置文件会在第一次启动 ZBChecker 时自动生成。如果配置文件不存在,程序也会自动生成一个新的。

Configuration file, which is called ZBChecker.json when you are using ZBChecker Full/Pro and ZBLite.json when you are using ZBLite, is used to set all options for better checking quality.

ZBChecker Full/Pro 的配置文件是ZBChecker.json,ZBLite 的配置文件是ZBLite.json,配置文件用于设置所有的选项以提供一个更好的测卡质量。

The default config is looked like this:

    "Threads": 500,
    "RetryTimes": 5,
    "AntiDuplication": true,
    "PreferredHttpRequestScheme": "https",
    "Proxy": {
        "Enabled": true,
        "API": {
            "Enabled": true,
            "URL": "\u0026protocol=socks4\u0026timeout=10000\u0026country=all\u0026simplified=true",
            "RefreshDelay": 300
        "Filename": "socks4_proxies.txt",
        "ProxyType": "socks4",
        "Timeout": 100
    "Minecraft": {
        "HypixelKey": "[YOUR API KEY HERE]",
        "EnabledBanChecker": true
JSON Item Type Meaning
Threads uint The max threads in the checking progress.
RetryTimes uint The recheck times for every combo to check if availible.
AntiDuplication boolean Auto remove duplicated combos before checking start. (Recommended)
PreferredHttpRequestScheme "http" or "https" Switch the perferred request scheme if both HTTP and HTTPS scheme are availible for the same checking effect.
HTTP for lower CPU, RAM, and network cost.
HTTPS for better security of all your combos when using public proxies.
Proxy Proxy Object See below
Minecraft Minecraft Object See below

Proxy Object

JSON Item Type Meaning
Enabled boolean Use proxies to check combos. (Recommend)
API API Object See below
Filename string If proxy API is disabled, this used to set your proxy file path. Left blank to select file each time before checking start.
ProxyType Proxy Type The type of your proxies. We support HTTP (include HTTPS), SOCKS 4, SOCKS 4A, SOCKS 5, Shadowsocks (set as ss) for proxies.
Timeout uint Timeout time set for request connection. Count as seconds.
请求超时时间,以 作为单位

API Object

JSON Item Type Meaning
Enabled boolean Use online proxy API to get proxies.
URL string The URL of your online proxy API.
RefreshDelay uint The interval per refresh from proxy API. Count as seconds. Set to a super large number to disable refresh.
每次从代理API刷新的间隔,以 作为单位。设置为一个超级大的数以禁用刷新

P.S. : The ProxyType of the Proxy object also decides the proxy type of proxy API. So whether you are using API or not, you must set ProxyType correctly.


Minecraft Object

Under writting...

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